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About IAOF

IAOF is a novel non-profit Iceland aquaculture industry association based in Reykjavík.

IAOF aims to become a platform for international cooperation and dissemination of knowledge about marine aquaculture, both at sea and on land, challenges related to climate change and exploitation, and other features of fundamental importance for the sustainable development of the marine aquaculture sector in Iceland.

Our Mission

  • Through IAOF members’ experience, knowledge, and relationship networks, establish partnerships with leading international institutions, research institutions, NGOs, universities, associations, clusters, companies and other stakeholders who can help understand and find solutions to the many challenges the sector faces to today and in the years to come, as well as identify clusters for solution-related initiatives at home.
  • Participate in the work of creating new meeting places for ocean-related and land-based aquaculture farming themes and the global aquaculture industry.
  • Generating knowledge about the global ocean-related and land-based aquaculture farming industry targeted at government, international organizations, and business actors at sea and on land.
  • Arrange the annual meetings of the IAOF, as well as other meetings in cooperation with institutions, the media, etc. to enhance understanding of the marine aquaculture at sea and land industry; as well as exchange knowledge related to the industry.